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FAQ Guide

General Inquiries

How much does CURV cost?

For pricing, please call our sales department at (203) 572-5867.

Do you have a support line?

Yes- We have 24/7 support ready to take your call. You can reach us at (877) 203-6624or email into support@curvpos.com.


Can I use any 3rd Party delivery services with CURV online ordering?

Yes, for example, we offer online ordering sites that integrate Dash Drive which uses the same driver network as Door Dash without the commissions.

Do I need to continually refresh the CURV “Kitchen” page to receive new order alerts?

No, the CURV Kitchen screen automatically refreshes every 20 seconds, so there is no need to manually refresh the page.

How will I know when an order comes in?

An order receipt will be automatically printed from the kitchen printer when an order is placed. The kitchen just needs to accept the order in the system, so the customer knows it was received.

How will my customers know when their order is ready?

Customers receive updates in real time, including when their order is being prepared, when it is ready and when it is delivered.

How do I set up my menu on the website?

Menus can be set up by CURV Support members (For a small fee) or you can call our support line (877) 203-6624 and we will guide you in creating it yourself. You may also access the Support page above and select the Menu section for step by step instructions.

Do I have to set up my own menu?

CURV support can set up your menu for you.

What happens if I run out of a menu item?

You can mark the item out of stock through your CURV portal. To access stock select the Stock ICON on the navigation bar, depicted as a clipboard. This stock page is used to keep track of all the items you sell. Items can be added or removed from the stock by selecting the + and – Buttons. Items that have 0 stock or less will be marked out of stock on the ordering page.

Can I track all orders that were placed for the day?

Yes! All your orders will be saved in the Archived tab.

Why are my sales not being recorded under my employee profile?

Users must use a PIN to log into their account before taking actions on the POS to track sales by the employee.

Why is my VOID not going through?

Possible Solutions:

  • All VOID and Refunds must be issued in the same manner and on the same device the sale was ran on.
  • Cash Transactions are not Valid for VOID. Cash returns must be issued as a Refund.
  • VOID can only be issued the same day before the Batch has settled.

Why are my menu schedules not showing up on the POS?

Menu Schedules will only appear on the POS ordering page when menu items and categories are attached to the schedule.

Why are my Tip options all zero?

Make sure the "Starting at" Amount for Tips is set. The set amounts should be below the total amount of the order.

How do I update my employee’s hours?

Once you are logged into the POS Select “Employee” from the left hand navigation bar. Select the correct employee from the list and select “view shifts from”. Enter the shift you want to modify. Once you have entered the new shift details Select “Submit”.

How do I pull reporting?

We have many reports available in the CURV software. For specific report requests please reference the Support section of our website above and Select Reports.

How do I edit the table layout and add new rooms?

Please reference the Support section of our website under Table Managment above for detailed instructions on this topic.


Can I use my own Printer or Tablet?

Yes, CURV online ordering can work with any Android tablet. CURV is compatible with many models of EPSON or STAR receipt printers.

Why are the receipts not printing?

Possible Solutions:

  • Make sure there is a printer attached to the POS device.
  • Make sure the printer is plugged in.
  • Open printer lid and pull a small amount of paper out, close the lid and try again. This can solve most "paper Jam" issues.
  • Make sure the internet is connected.
  • Make sure all wire connections are secure.

How do I get the Cash Drawer to pop open?

Possible Solutions:

  • Make sure the cash drawer is plugged into the correct port. Each end of the wire is labeled (Printer and Cash Drawer). Make sure it is plugged in going in the correct direction.
  • The drawer must be checked off as a cash drawer with a name and starting balance.
  • The drawer must physically be plugged into the Printer (or E800 Machine) to “Pop” open automatically. That printer needs to be set up as the “Receipt Printer” on the Settings Page.
  • Each Device will have their own cash drawer. We recommend all cash payments be handled on one device.

How do I get my card reader to work?

Possible Solutions:

  • If you are not using a secondary screen, make sure you have the “Use Second Screen” function turned off on the Settings Page. (Settings-> Ordering-> Use Second Screen-> off)
  • If you are using a secondary screen with your set up, make sure you are using it to process transactions. This should be the screen facing the customer. Tips should be entered for card payments BEFORE the card is entered.

Payment Processing

How do I get paid for my sales?

Credit card batches that are created before 5:45 pm EST are deposited into your bank account the next business day. If you batch after that time, you will receive funds the following business day.