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Refunding Sales

Front End


All Sales can be refunded. This includes cash, card, and manually entered card numbers. Navigate to the order history tab by selecting “Order History” on the left side of the navigation bar.


If New Orders First is set to ON, the most recent orders will automatically generate. Search for an order by date range, ticket number, or by order sequence. Select the order you would like to refund hit the “Actions” buttons. A drop down menu will appear, select “Refund”.


A pop up menu will appear to start the refunding process. Type in the amount to be refund wither its partial or full.


Next select a reason for the refund. There a few options to select from.


Once a reason for refund is selected, input any notes in the description box that would be informative to the employer on why the order was refunded. Minimum required field if 5 characters.


After all input fields have been completed, finalize the refund by selecting “Issue Refund” at the bottom.

Please note: If the refund was done by credit card, the credit card will have to be inserted back into the card reader to process the refund.


Manually entered cards and partial refund can be done by selecting Issue Credit and entering the Card info back into the system.

Blind Credits:

If a transaction needs to be refunded, but the card is not present, the transaction be refunded with a blind credit.

This is done on the refunds page, select Blind credit and enter the card information.