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Settings: Tip and Tax

How to add/ edit a tax rate

Back End


As a restaurant, you’ll want to be able to apply and edit tax rates and fees to your needs. You be able to apply and edit those rates and fees In the settings tab under the “Tip & Tax” rate.


To add a new tax rate, hit the “add tax rate” button on the top right.


The pop up box will appear. Fill in the follow fields to match your restaurant’s needs.

  • Tax Rate Name
  • Tax Rate
  • Other options


Hit the “save” button once you’re done creating your new tax rate. Depending on the settings selected for your tax rate, you will see them applied when customers make a payment when checking out.


If you ever need to make any changes to your new tax rate or any rate, you can click the pencil icon at the end of the tax rate you wish to edit.

Cash Discount settings

Please see image below. Cash Discount fee’s may be titled to any fee name. The Fee/Tax set up must reflect the convenience fee as seen below:


Auto apply on Final Bill -YES
Applies total Charge- YES
Applies to open Item- YES
Applies to credit Card Only-YES


Sales tax must be selected to Applies to Open item only. Tax will then be applies at the menu item level.