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Creating a menu item

Back End


To create a menu item, Select “Menu” on the Navigation Bar. Then select Menu Items on the tab selections.


Select “+Add Menu Item” near the top right corner of the webpage to start creating your new menu item.


The add/edit pop up menu will now appear. Fill out each box with the information matching your restaurant’s needs.

Each box is specified for the following:

  • Menu Item name: Ex. Breakfast Burrito *required field*
  • Description: Ex. Ingredients to your item.
  • Category: Select which category you would like your menu item place in. This is where you will find the item on your POS. *Required Field*
  • Price: Adjust pricing to your liking.
  • Image: Here you will be able to change the image of your menu item that will appear on your CURV Website.
  • Treat Customizations as one option: Checking this box will condense all your customizations into one table.
  • Show Default options in cart: When checked off, any menu item customizations will appear as default in the cart.
  • Favorite Item: These items will appear first when you’re creating an order on the POS.*Only Applicable on restaurants using Buffet and Clients Facing App*
  • Promotion Prices: In settings > Pricing & discount : you are able to add promotion prices by date & time. i.e Happy Hour
  • Availability: Here you will be able to select if the item is available at one store specify, or all of your locations. You can also select with Menu schedule you would like to pair it with.
  • Applicable: Checking these boxes will apply Taxes and fee’s. (Cash Discount fee’s does not need to be checked off to apply).
  • Nutrition Facts: Not required, but you are able to insert your menu items nutrition information and more!


Once you have filled in the required information, you have the option “Add Customization” to your menu item. Select “+ Add Customization” and fill out each box accordingly. If you do not wish to create a customization, hit “Save”. To learn more about adding customizations, CLICK HERE.


Once saved. You will see your newly created menu item in the menu items table.


If you need to make any adjustments to your menu item, simply select the edit icon on the right of the table.


Your menu item will appear as below.

POS View:

Website View: