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Set Up

How to add, view & edit locations

Front End


Users can display multiple restaurant locations on a single user account. To access Locations navigate to the Settings Tab.


Under Company, you will find your restaurants current location and information. Users are allowed have multiple locations connected to their account.


Location information can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon of any location name.


A edit pop up box will appear. Changes to these field will alter the locations information.

  • Location Name
  • Time zone
  • Restaurant Type
  • Printer Information
  • Store Number
  • Logo
  • Address
  • Other Information
  • Contact name
  • Subdomain
  • Email/ Text Notifications
  • Location Hours
  • Contact phone Number
  • Restaurant Style
  • Table management


Note: The Logo you decide to go with, will be displayed on the Online Ordering Site.


Email/Text Notifications

If this notification section is utilized. The email or phone number will receive a notification every time an online order has been placed.


Other Info

Delivery options are singular. The Delivery fee option is only available when “My Drivers” is selected.
Closed until: This can be set for the entire day or to the hour. These Changes can be made locally directly on the POS.
Pop-up Messages upon first entry to the Online Site.

Delivery Info can only be modified by the CURV Support team. Please call (877)203-6624.


Location Hours will be set for each day. Hours can be set, but will not be displayed as open until the Open box is checked.


Once edits have been made, hit “save” at the bottom to finalize your new settings.