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Menu: Pizza Module

How to create pizza sizes

Front End

Must have Pizza Module Enabled


To create a Pizza Size, Select “Menu” on the Navigation Bar on the left. Then select Pizza Sizes on the top of the tab selections. Then hit the “+Add pizza slice” button.


The add/edit pop up menu will now appear. Fill out each box with the information matching your restaurant’s needs.
Each box is specified for the following:

  • Pizza Size: Ex. 1 Single Slice
  • Number of Slices: Ex. 1
  • Pizza Shape: Ex. Slice
  • Price: Ex. $3.99
  • Display Orders: Ex.1. This will decide which pizza size will show up first according to the #.


Once you have filled in the required information, hit save at the bottom corner of the pop up menu.


Once saved. You will see your newly created pizza size in the pizza sizes table. If you ever need to make any edits, hit the pencil icon on the right of the selected pizza size.