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Menu: Pizza Module

How to create Pizza toppings

Front End


To create Pizza Toppings, Select “Menu” on the Navigation Bar on the left. Then select Pizza Toppings on the top of the tab selections. Hit “Add topping category”. You will only see Pizza tabs if you have customized pizza enabled in your restaurant Settings.


First create a topping category. A topping category will group up the different types of toppings your restaurant provides. You will be able to make price adjustments to all your pizza sizes according to your category. Hit “Add topping category”
Fill the information in each text box to your restaurant’s needs.


  • Topping Category: Name the topping category. For Ex. Meats.
  • Display Order: Number the order of topping categories.
  • Size Prices: Adjust prices according to your topping category.


After hitting save, you’ll be able to see your new topping category in the topping category table. If you ever need to make any edits, click on the pencil icon all the way to the right of the topping category.


Now that you have created a topping category, you are going to want to create a pizza topping to go into your topping category. Hit “Add Pizza topping” to get started.


The add/edit popup will appear on screen. Fill the information in each text box to your restaurant’s needs.

  • Pizza Topping: Name your type of topping, for ex. Bacon
  • Topping Type: Small Add-ons
  • Topping Category: Meats
  • Available At: All locations

Once all the fields are filled out, hit save.


If you need to make any edits after creating your pizza topping, hit the pencil icon all the way on the far right.