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Applying Discounts and adding notes

Front End

Discounts can be applied in two ways, discounts on individual items or entire carts.
Discounts can be applied on individual menu items. 


Add the menu items to the cart, Once in the cart do a long press in the menu item name. 


This will prompt a pop up for the menu item update dialog. Notes and discounts can be added.  

Discounts can be applied as a percentage or a flat rate. This is controlled by the switch. By default all discount option on the update pop up will be flat rates.

Discounts placed on menu items will not be recorded on the Discounts report


Discounts can also be placed on the whole order.


Order discounts are applied on the checkout page. Selecting apply discounts will display a list of available discounts. 

Order discounts are created on the CURV Web Portal. Discounts applied on orders will be recorded under the discount report. The discounts displayed are applied to order subtotals and are linked to discount campaigns with an availability schedule and an optional coupon code. See more information here.