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Creating employee Roles

Front End


In order to add a role in CURV, use the navigation bar on the left of the main menu and select the “Employee” tab.


Once you have reached the employee page, look towards the right and locate the “+add role” button. Hit the button and the add/edit pop up menu will appear.


When creating a role, you will have to choose how many and what types of permissions the role will carry. For example, a Manager role will end up having more permissions over a Cashier as their role falls in with more responsibility. Check off the boxes of permissions you would like your role to have.

Each Permission can be explained here: CLICK HERE


Once permissions have been assigned to your new role, save your role by hitting the “Save” button on the bottom of the pop up menu.


You will now be able to assign your new role to any employee. When assigned, that employee will be restricted to the permissions assigned to that role.