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Settings: Pricing and Discounts

How to add alternate pricing

Back End


When it comes to pricing, restaurants sometimes offer alternate pricing for deals and incentive. Use this tool by accessing your settings on the Curv website. Click “Settings” on the left of the navigation bar. Then select “Pricing & Discounts” above.


Hit “add pricing” to get started at the top right corner.


A pop up menu will appear. Customize the alternate pricing profile by either day and time. A common alternate pricing profile for example can be “happy hour”.


Once you’ve created your alternate pricing profile, hit “save” to start applying pricing onto specific menu items.


Navigate to your menu items by selecting “Menu” on the navigation bar. Then select “Menu Items”.


Select the item you would like to add alternate pricing too.


Select “Promo Prices”. A drop down will appear. Select the profile you would like to use.

  • In the empty field of text, assign the new price of the menu item. The new price will be active to how you have your alternate pricing profile set.


Alternate pricing will now reflect on the CURV application like below.