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Front End

Dual pricing Notice: If set up on a dual pricing program, customers cannot split payment across tender types. Orders will need to be paid for by either Cash or Credit. Partial cash and Partial credit payments are not available on the same order.

Dual Pricing Check out: The price charged for each tender type is displayed on each respective button.

Standard Pricing Check out page:

Cash: Orders can be paid for in cash. An active cash drawer must “Opened” to access cash.  To pay with Cash Select the blue Cash Button.

When paying cash the total and balance due will be displayed. Tips may be entered at the time of sale.

When a Cash In amount is entered, the balanced owned will be updated. If the Cash in amount is greater than balance due, a negative amount will be updated, representing the change due to the customer.

Once Pay is selected, the transaction will be completed and a receipt can be printed.

Card: Orders can be paid with a card, to pay with a card select the blue card button.

If using a merchant facing screen or issuing payments on a handheld device, Tip options will be displayed. Once a tip option is selected the customer can run their card. Once the transaction is accepted receipt options will be displayed. If no secondary screen is in use or no tip option is selected, tips can be adjusted after the payment. This will be issued on the Order History page, Tip adjustments.

Manual Entry: Cards can also be entered manually. This the card number and information can be typed into the system to charge the card. This will be considered an card not present transactions.

Split: Payments can also be Split. This can be done either, evenly among the guests, or per item. Merchant set up with traditional pricing may make partial payments across tender type. Merchant set up with a dual pricing program are not able to split checks across tender type.

Individual check can be printed for each split payments.

Split Evenly

Printing Checks: Merchant can print checks by selecting print checks.

Apply Tax: Merchants have the option to turn off tax on orders. Merchants are responsible for handling heir own taxes.