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How to clock in and out

Front End


In order for an employee to clock in or out, they must first make sure they are signed into their personalized account. You can sign in by tapping the headshot icon at the top left corner of the POS.


A screen will appear where you sign in with the unique pin you were given by an owner, admin, manager etc. If you cannot remember your pin, anyone with admin permissions can change it by following these steps, CLICK HERE: How to change your pin – Front End


Once you have signed in with your unique pin, you will notice the account at the top left has changed. That means you are now logged into your personalized account.


For this example, we have logged into: Christian Giovani


Use the navigation bar on the left and select the “Employee Tab”.


The employee tab will now appear. To clock in, hit the “Clock In” button. Your shift for the day will now begin.

You will be able to view the duration of your shift next to the “Clock In” button. You will notice, once your shift duration begins, the button changes to “Clock Out.”


When your shift comes to an end, simply click “Clock Out” to finish the duration of your shift.


Once clocked out, you can view the duration of shift underneath the table.