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Creating/ assigning printer stations

Back End


After setting up a kitchen printer, each printer can be assigned to specific printing stations defined by menu item categories. Assigning and creating different printer stations can help create a smoother order flow in your restaurant.


If have three different stations you need a printer.

  • Front Register
  • Kitchen
  • Bar


Navigate to the printer station page by selecting the “settings” tab and select “printing” at the top.


Select “Printer Stations” on the top of the page. Then select “+add printer station”.


Name the printer station and assign a default printer to that station.


The assigned printer will now print to the specific station. You can add more printer to this station by hitting the “add printer” below.


For this example we are going to assign the same station. If you have more printers assigned, they will generate on the drop down menu. Be aware these printers can also be assigned by room. If you are using the table management module, make sure you are assigning your printer to the correct room.


You will now see the newly created printer station in the list below.