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Table Management

Changing Table Statuses

Front End


After a customer has been seated, the following table statuses can be used to reflect the customer(s) dinning. Select the table that’s being updated.

Table Statuses: All table statuses are updated manually.

  • Available: The table is free for anyone to be seated.
  • Seated: The table is currently occupied.
  • Ordered: The table has placed their order and sent to the kitchen.
  • Order Ready: Define as you wish. For ex. The food has arrived at the table.
  • Check Ready: The table is ready to play.


Select the status the table is being updated to and hit “Update Status”.


For Example: The following image will have “Check Ready” Selected.


Update Status when ready. The table will change colors to match the status its currently in.


When a table has come to its final status and the customer(s) have left, along with the table being cleaned up. The Status of the table must manually be changed back to “Available”. The table will now be available again.

Note: A timer will be set once a tables has been seated.