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Cash Management

Active Drawer

Front End

Active Drawer is the default page under the Cash management tab.
Drawers will be attached to the receipt printer attached to each station. All Devices that wish to record cash payments will need to have a drawer and printer attached.
Make sure a receipt printer is attached to the machine. This can be done on the settings page

Ensure the printer is listed under the receipt printer, see image below with Joe PAX listed under the receipt printer.

Please note the printer Joe PAX has a cash drawer attached, named Station 1. The correct cash drawer can be verified by referencing titled drawer.


A Drawer must be opened to be “Active”. Select Open Drawer, count the Bills and establish the starting balance.


When the Cash Expect matched the actual cash, the drawer is balanced. The drawer can be opened at any balance above $0.00.


The information displayed on the active drawer is all the actions issued, sales, cash in, cash out, tip outs, Change, and any action that opens the cash drawer.


Cash In:
Will open the drawer, to adding Cash to the Drawer for any reason, such as restocking bills or adding change.
Notes can be added with will be reflected to the Cash Drawer details page.

Cash Out:
Will Open the drawer for any reason, such as transferring cash to other drawer, tip outs, payouts. Notes will be added and reflected on the Cash Drawer details page.


Tip Out:
Employee’s can be tipped out directly from the drawer. An employee will be selected from the drop down, a tip amount entered and any notes added. Tip out amounts will reflect on the Z and X reports

Pay Out:
Employee’s can payout from the drawer, reasons will be selected from the drop down, amount entered and notes added. Payout reasons will be determined on the defaults page on the CURV website.

Cash Drop:
Employee’s with the permission can issue cash out drops to clear or reduce the balance in the drawer. A cash drop usually indicates the transfer of cash from the drawer to a safe or deposit bank bag.