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Turn off Customer Screen

Front End

CURV devices can be set up with dual facing screens. The secondary screen is referred to as the Customer facing screen. This screen is used to display order summary and cart totals, as well as a place to enter Tips and manager receipt options.

Set up on each local device can control the display options on the customer facing screen. Devices with a secondary screen can be turn on and off on the settings page and toggling the Use Second Screen ON and OFF.

Use Second Screen ON

Setting the Customer Facing Screen ON will prompt the screen to display total price of the order along with list of each item sold with an itemized summary of total cost. In the image below, note this account is set up with Dual pricing which presents separate cost for Card and Cash Price.

Customers paying with a Card will be presented Tip option, with options for a custom tip amount or no Tip at all.

Use Second Screen OFF