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How to add a new location

Back End


With CURV, users are able to add multiple locations to their account. To get started, please navigate to the settings tab to access locations.


Under “locations” you will see your original location when the account first opened. To add a new location, hit the “+add location” button.


A add/edit pop up will appear. Fill out the following fields to have your new location go live.


  • Location Name
  • Time zone
  • Restaurant Type
  • Printer Information
  • Store Number
  • Logo
  • Address
  • Other Information
  • Contact name
  • Subdomain
  • Email/ Text Notifications
  • Location Hours
  • Contact phone Number
  • Restaurant Style


Once all fields have been filled out to match your restaurant’s needs, hit the “save” button to finalize your new location.


If you need to make any edits after creating your new location, please follow the following instructions. CLICK HERE