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Online Orders

Placing an Online Order

Back End

To place online orders customers will need to create an account. This can be done at checkout or before they begin adding menu items to the cart.
To create and account or log in to an existing account, users can select the options on the top right of the page. Or the options pop up on the top left.

Users can also use the button on the top left which brings up the create an account or login prompts.

Customer can either Login to an existing account or fill our their information to create an account at checkout.

At Check out Customers can Save their Payment Method, Apply Tips, And apply Discounts With the Use of Coupon Codes

Once Placed Customers will receipt a MSG Message notifying the Charge to the Card and an Itemized Email Receipt. 

Selecting Track Your Order, will allow customers to receive update on their order, This includes, when it is being prepared, when it is ready for pick up, when it is out for delivery, and when it is delivered.