How to Open and Close Cash Drawer

It’s easy to manage your cash drawer and sales with the Curv POS system in order to keep your books in order.

Follow these simple steps to open and close your cash drawer.

How to Open Cash Drawer
1. Log in to the Curv POS app using the “Username” and “Password” you created during the sign-up process.
2. Click on the profile section to access details about the cash drawer and the kitchen printer.
3. Click “PAX Printer” to add “Printer Name” and “Location” of the printer. You can also add the “Cash Drawer Name.”
4. Enter value for “Starting Cash Balance.” This is the balance you start the day with. This information will be important in the next steps. Once complete, click Save.”
5. Once the “PAX Printer” field is updated in the system, click “Kitchen Printer.”
6. All “Available Printers” will be shown on the screen.

Important: the printer you want to connect should be connected to the internet.

7. Click “Available Printer” and enter in details such as “Printer Name” and “Location.” Once complete, click “Save.”
8. Once the information has been saved, click “Payments.”
9. You are now in the “Cash Management” section of the system. To open the cash drawer, click “Open Drawer.”
10. Enter cash denominations equal to the “Starting Cash Balance” in step 4.
11. When the “Difference” reaches $0 and the “Cash Expected” and “Cash Actual” values equal one another, click “Open Drawer.”
12. The cash drawer is now open. You can start your day knowing that all transactions will be recorded in an efficient manner.
How to Close Cash Drawer
1. Select “Payments” to start the process to close the cash drawer.
2. Select “Close Drawer” button to close the cash drawer. The cash drawer has been closed successfully.

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