How to Add Menu Items

After setting up your restaurant, you want to add menu items for your customers. Using the Curv POS system, you can manage your menu and customize your offerings according to customer preferences.

To add a menu item, follow these simple steps.

1. Log in to the Curv POS web portal using the “Email” and “Password” you setup during sign up.
2. Once in the system, you will see a summary of your store’s transactions on the homepage.
3. To view information and settings pertaining to your restaurant menu, click “Menu.”

How to Add Menu Schedule

1. To add different sections and/or categories in your menu, click “Add Menu Schedule.”
2. Enter information about the “Menu Schedule Name.” Once complete, click “Save.”
3. The “Menu Schedule” has been added to the system.

How to Add Food Category

1. After adding the “Menu Schedule,” you can add “Food Categories” to your menu. Click “Add Food Category.”
2. Enter information about the food category you are trying to add.
3. Once complete, click “Save” to confirm and add the information into the system.
4. Once complete, you can see the new food category under “Food Categories.”

How to Add Menu Items

1. To add menu items, click “Add Menu Item.”
2. Enter information about the food category.

Important: The “Category” will prompt the “Food Category” you added in the previous step.

3. Once complete, click “Save.”
4. You can view the new menu item under “Menu Items.”

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