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Equipment setup

Front End

Cash Drawer

Attaching a Cash Drawer


The Cable that runs from the Cash Drawer can be connected to a printer or directly to the E800/E500 Machine.


Connecting to the printer will allow the Drawer to “POP” when a cash transaction is started. Cash drawers not connected to a receipt printer will need to be opened manually.


Cash Drawers should be connected to the printer used for transaction receipts.

Pax E800

STAR SP700 Printer

How to Add a Cash Drawer


Select “Settings.”


Choose “Printer” from the left menu.


Select “New Printer.” All “Available Printers” will show up on the list. Choose the printer you want to connect to.


This will prompt you to add the “Printer Name” and “Location” of the printer. You may also add the “Cash Drawer Name.”

Important: For “Starting Cash Balance” enter the value that the restaurant location is starting the day with.


After seeing a notification – “Printer Added,”


Note: If attaching a Printer/Cash Drawer to a Tablet or AMP device, there will be no internal printer.

How to Open the Cash Drawer


Navigate to the Payments Tab and Select “Open Drawer”.


Enter the Bill amount in the starting Drawer. Previous and Next Keys on the key pad can be used to select each Bill denomination.


The Drawer will be in balance and ready to open when Cash Expected is equal to the actual Cash. *Cash Drawers can be opened with a starting balance Short of the Expected amount*


Once the cash drawer is set up, select “Open Drawer” to begin processing.