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General Shift Setting

Front End

Each Location has shift settings that will impact employee shifts.  

Overtime threshold: Hours worked on a Single shift after the determine threshold will apply a overtime rate

Overtime Rate: The rate at which Overtime is calculated, the rate is a multiplier

Double time Threshold: Hours worked between the Overtime Threshold and set Double-time threshold will be applied at the Double time Rate. Hours must be greater than the overtime threshold. 

Double time Rate: The rate at which Double time is calculated, the rate is a multiplier

Auto-Clock out enable: Turn the auto-clock out feature on and off

Auto-Clock Out Hour: the Time of day auto clock out will take effect. 

Auto clock out email: Will send an email to the specified email when the auto clock out is used. 

Default Target Labor Cost: This will set the target cost on the labor report. This will shift where the Red Line in displayed.