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From retail to restaurants, we have the ALL-IN-ONE POS equipment and tools that your business needs

Improve the future of your restaurant with the most innovative technology for reliable transactions and real-time reporting.

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POS Features:

Menu customization with real-time control

Table tracking for total restaurant management

Employee management with detailed reporting

Online ordering system built by world-class experts

Always Available

24/7 support, top-tier reliability, and full offline mode to keep your restaurant moving.

Transparent Pricing Model

Pick one of our payment plans without compromising your business growth and success.

Low Cost Delivery

Our commission-free system reduces third-party delivery commission by up to 80%.

User-Friendly Platform

Our payment services and tools will support your business as it grows through every stage.

Run Your Restaurant 3X Faster

Our equipment is built to withstand the harshness of a restaurant environment.

Customizable Packages Available

A food joint or a famous chain, every Curv package is customized to fit your needs.

The First Month Is On Us!

We offer the first month free so you can try the platform and find out how Curv will help to grow your brand, increase your sales, and drive customer loyalty.